Life Skills Training and Coaching for Highly Sensitive Empaths

Yogastudion and Sue Rumack, life coach ATC introduce life skills coaching services for highly sensitive people. Available via phone in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

As a coach and empath trainer, I’ve been helping people embrace their lives and make kinder, healthier changes for themselves for over 25 years. Drawing on my diverse background that spans women’s studies, ancient cultures and quantum physics, I help you make desired changes on your journey as a empath. Coaching is not meant to be a therapeutic, or a deep dive into ones past or wounds. While these deeper concerns may touch the areas that coaching addresses, I am here to help you access your goals and any possible blockages to reaching them. It would be my honor to support you in meeting your challenges and living your dreams. 


What I love to do is help empaths shed their limitations and step into their true

radiance, power and life giving essence.


Most of us are familiar with the model of ‘get it done’, ‘no pain no gain’, but trying to function in that model doesn’t work well for us empaths! As sensitive empaths we have our own pathways to living a fulfilling life and it can be done with less overwhelm and exhaustion. There are tools and techniques to use that can support you finding more ease and grace in everything you do. In Empath training for highly sensitive empaths I support you in bringing your full self to life with presence and joy. Yes, it is possible.

Empath training will benefit you if…

You need to set calm, wordless, respectful boundaries.

Your relationships are not loving, caring, equal or respectful.

You are overwhelmed just walking out of your house,

into the grocery store, or into your workplace.

You can’t separate what you feel, from what others are feeling.

You feel too much from others, are overwhelmed and want to hide from life.

Serenity and inner peace are just out of reach in your

day to day life.

Empath coaching benefits relationships, identity, boundaries, fulfillment, and life success.

Discovery Consultation – FREE  -  Up to 90 minutes private, confidential conversation to see if the fit between coach and you is comfortable and the service meets your needs. 


Elite, private 1:1 fast-track sessions entirely focused on providing solutions to one specific personal issue or career issue at a time. Empath Coaching is private, confidential, focussed and gets your problems solved faster, more efficiently, and personally.  You are the most important person and you are the focus of each session. You and I design the theme of your sessions:  Identity, Self-belief, Managing Overwhelm, Setting Boundaries, Relationships, etc.  Each session you bring one issue on this theme, and together you get past old beliefs, let go of old behaviours, practice new tools for you to use every day that keep you moving forward and building success each week. 1:1 empath coaching is the fast-track to your life transformation.


Private Coaching

6 week group telephone coaching sessions designed to teach unique  coping skills all sensitive people need to live with less stress and anxiety in modern society.  Affordable, private, small groups with facilitator/coach Sue Rumack leading every session. Group members benefit from the pdf lesson plan and notes, MP3 replay of every session, learning from others wins and challenges, and building a private support community for the future.

Registration starts in January 2018.

Group Coaching

Home-Study Program: Super affordable membership email lessons supporting self-learning at your own pace, in your own home. 

More information will be avalible soon

Starts in 2018.



Sue - du hjälper mig att vara en modig rebell. Det älskar jag dig för. Livet blir roligt med dig som coach och organiserat. Inte många vågar göra det jag har gjort - att lämna "systemet" och ensam flytta till ett nytt land. Jag känner mig stolt över det, och jag vill vara en pionjär och en vägvisare. Du är en så talangfull och rolig coach. Du för in glädje i mitt liv, och på något sätt...jag vet inte riktigt hur... transformerar du mina problem (trauman, blockeringar, gamla föreställningar). Jag är så tacksam att du hjälper mig bli den kvinna jag vill vara.

- Helena Claesson


Yogan och meditationen har hjälpt mig enormt mycket med gåvan som också är min största utmaning - högkänsligheten. Men med hjälp av Susan fick jag ännu ett verktyg att hantera energi, på ett sätt som jag aldrig hade hört talas om tidigare. Det finns massvis med olika tekniker där ute för att hantera/skydda sig från andras energier men de fungerade aldrig för mig. Susans tekniker, professionella, respektfulla och fantastiskt mjuka sätt att coacha har med handen på hjärtat förändrat mig på djupet och ger mig ett mycket lättsammare liv. Det är stort!

- Ronya Helander


Empath coach Susan Rumack has changed my life. Managing my PTSD and bipolar disorder gaining an objective view of what is happening in my head, giving me a well-needed distance from my ailments. Empath coaching gives me personal insight into how to protect my heart by managing incoming energies from others. Inner critic has become something I am able to control. Susan Rumack has helped me do a lot of damage control and most important empath coaching is helping me to be the boss who runs my own ship to take over a lot of work that used to be carried out by my stressed-out mind, heart, and body.  My life is happier and more harmonious now. 

I recommend empath coaching with Susan Rumack to anyone who needs to learn how to handle stress. 


- Josefine Rännbäck


Thank you Sue Rumack. I have declared this part of my life IS about investing in ME.  I’m grateful to have come across a mentor like you when I needed one the most.  I trust in your authenticity. I am secure in your sensitivity, and find you to be a truly “ethical empath”.  I was more than I could have hoped for.  

- Sara Clemo 


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